Tandem flying

-If you would like to experience the sensation of flying, you can achieve this with a tandem flight.

-You will be accompanied by Dirk a professional, fully licensed and insured tandem pilot who has many years of flying experience.

-He also has been teaching people to fly for 25 years and holds appropriate qualifications to instruct in Spain, France and Belgium.

-You do not need any prior experience, once we've met at the flying site and have assessed the weather conditions, we'll make a short run together and before you know it we'll be airborne.

-All you will need to bring are some long trousers, a windproof jacket and sports shoes. I will provide the rest.

-Bring your camera because this is an experience that you'll want to share with others!

-I fly in Cenes de la Vega and La Herradura. I choose the flying site in accordance with the wind/weather forecast for the day.

Tandem paragliding Karin
Tandem paragliding Lone
Tandem paragliding Lara
Tandem paragliding Frank
Tandem paragliding Jon
Tandem paragliding Ade
Tandem paragliding Jane